Partners-in-Beauty: Our partners talk skincare and their all-time faves

We're one! One year old, that is 😁

It has been a fruitful, exciting year of discovery and growth—thanks to our wonderful partners, themselves skincare enthusiasts from all walks of life, who have joined us in this little adventure.

Today they are here to share the skincare lessons they’ve learned through the years, and the trusty skincare lineup that has never failed them through their own skin journey.

To our partners who have been so generous in sharing their time and talents, to everyone who has been part of our story, and to you, for sharing it with us: thank you.

Thank you from your skincare sidekicks at Peaches&Creme

Meet our featured partners:

  • Adam Bugeja, Artist and fashion enthusiast
  • Anthea Ellul, Entrepreneur and mom of two
  • Grecia Falzon, Make-up artist and Physics teacher
  • Letty Baldacchino, Business consultant
  • Marilyn Cini, Make-up artist and Occupational Therapist
  • Rebecca Spiteri, Lifestyle blogger

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Adam Bugeja

Artist and fashion enthusiast

IG: @adambug3ja
FB: AdxmBugeja

Adam Bugeja for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


As a young boy, Adam used to suffer from acne. And like many others troubled by the plague of teenage acne, he used to pick on his face in the mirror, leading to more damage and scarring. “I remember buying a lot of different products and nothing seemed to work,” says Adam. “I was very self-conscious about my skin, especially when people would point it out.”

After trying hundreds of products and a lot of research, he fell in love with Korean skincare and discovered, finally, what worked for his skin needs. “I want to share what I have been able to learn through the years of finding love in my own skin,” he shares.

Adam’s skincare tips

Skin type: Normal - sensitive
Skin concerns: Acne-prone skin, blackheads and dullness

  1. Keep hydrated all the time.
  2. Always wear SPF throughout the day. 
  3. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient if you want to prevent blackheads.
  4. Include a cleansing oil or balm in your nighttime routine to give your skin a deeper, thorough cleanse.
  5.  Avoid harsh and irritating ingredients such as perfumes and essential oils in your skincare products.


What to love: Hydrating, and helped clear my skin of scarring and pigmentation. This ampoule has brightened my skin and leaves me looking glowy all day.

What to love: When I wear makeup, my skin tends to be dry in the following days. This moisturiser is a lifesaver and helps my skin maintain moisture and look super healthy. Super light and super hydrating, and leaves my skin looking glowy

What to love: This ampoule is a babe for when my skin is feeling dry. Delivers instant hydration for my skin. Contains moisturising ingredients that leave my skin looking glowy and smooth!

What to love: Instant results when I’m having troubled skin! I use this ampoule when my skin breaks out. It repairs my skin intensively without any irritation.

What to love: Super hydrating and calming. Instantly reduces sebum production, calms inflammation, and prevents skin water loss.

Puttinu Cares logo

 Adam supports Puttinu Cares, a children's cancer support group to offer a holistic approach of care for families with children suffering from cancer.

Use code HBDPEACHESXADM to shop our anniversary collection at 15% off and we will donate a part of the proceeds to this charity.



Anthea Ellul

Entrepreneur and mom of two

IG: @antheamariaellul
FB: thea.maria2

Anthea Ellul for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


Anthea was one of the lucky ones, not having acne-prone skin as she grew up. On the other hand, this made her feel like she didn’t really need to take care of her skin that much. “However, everything changed after having my first child,” Anthea says. Her skin became considerably dry, and applying makeup or simply leaving the house became an issue for her. “I felt constantly stared at,” she shares. 

We approached Anthea to help her with her skin concerns, and that was when she discovered the brand Whamisa. “This totally changed my skin and how I took care of it,” she says. “My day without skincare has become unheard of!”

Anthea’s skincare tips

Skin type: Dry skin
Skin concerns: Skin dehydration

  1. Help your skin out—eat healthy.
  2. Drink plenty of water.
  3. Clean your face and neck area morning and night.
  4. Never sleep with makeup on.
  5. Find a suitable moisturiser that makes you feel good. It will boost your confidence. (Personally, I love gel and lotion-type moisturisers because it makes my skin look more lush and hydrated.)


What to love: Noticeable hydration. I like to sleep with this cream, kind of like a sleeping mask. So soothing and hydrating!

What to love: Applying this toner is so fun. The scent is so relaxing. Smooth texture and refreshing to the skin.

What to love: This lotion considerably decreased my dry patches. It has a rich cooling effect once applied. 

Malta Community Chest Fund logo

 Anthea supports Malta Community Chest Fund, a foundation that supports individuals and entities to improve the health, quality of life and wellbeing of people in their time of need.

Use code HBDPEACHESXATH to shop our anniversary collection at 15% off and we will donate a part of the proceeds to this foundation.




Grecia Falzon

Make-up artist and Physics teacher

IG: @greciamakeupartist
FB: GreciaFMakeupArtist

Grecia Falzon for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


When Grecia was younger, she suffered from mild acne and a lot of blackheads. “I was not aware of what I needed to do to take care of my skin,” she says. For a time, she was under the impression that she had oily skin and did not need moisturiser—and so, time passed and her skin kept getting worse. Thinking that it was because of the products she was using, she stopped her skincare altogether. 

As she grew older, she consulted skin professionals but remained unconvinced when the products worked only for a short while before regressing back to the same problems. “So I decided to do my own research and try out different products,” says Grecia. Intrigued by the ingredients and benefits she discovered in k-beauty, she also found a different skincare approach from the one she has tried, and failed, for years: there wasn't just ‘The One’ solution, but a variety of products that she can alter and choose from depending on her specific changing needs.

“I finally managed to control my oil without drying out my skin,” Grecia shares, almost a year since discovering our shop. “Honestly, this has been my best skin year.” 

Grecia’s skincare tips

Skin type: Oily skin
Skin concerns: Blemishes and dull skin

  1. Moisturising is not your enemy. Just because your skin is oily doesn’t mean that it can’t be dehydrated—so moisturise during the day and hydrate your skin well at night. 
  2. Your skin is your makeup canvas. Having oily skin makes makeup application challenging, so you need to splurge a little on skincare to improve the canvass and have good results with makeup. 
  3. Don’t be afraid of serums and cleansing oils! They work wonders and using serums at night are very beneficial to oily skin. 
  4. Do not skip cleansing any time, any day! Our skin (a bit more than other skin types) needs thorough cleansing, otherwise the pores get clogged easily. 
  5. Let your skin breathe once in a while without makeup. It’s so refreshing!


What to love: Instantly dirt-free skin. One of the only products that really cleans my oily skin without stripping it of necessary oils, keeping my skin smooth and healthy. It also helps manage oil production during the day, which helps makeup stay in place for much longer.

What to love: The ultimate oil stopper. The step in my routine when I feel like my skin is cleared of any remaining impurities and dirt. My face remains oil-free for the rest of the day, even in summer!

What to love: The perfect lightweight moisturiser for oily skin. It feels so fresh, like you’re not adding any product to your skin, but you get the protection and a very good makeup base. 

Noah's Ark Dog Sanctuary logo

Grecia supports Noah's Ark, a dog sanctuary that rescues innumerable abandoned dogs, offering them comfort and medical care until they can be adopted. 

Use code HBDPEACHESXGRC to shop our anniversary collection at 15% off and we will donate a part of the proceeds to this organisation.



Letty Baldacchino

Business consultant and skincare enthusiast

IG: @letty114
FB: Letty Baldacchino

Letty Baldacchino for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


Letty started using skincare thinking that it was about fighting wrinkles, saggy skin, and spots and pigmentation. She then found k-beauty and discovered that Asians take a completely different approach: the importance of cleansing, hydration, nutrition and protection to maintain and improve skin health.

“It made more sense,” Letty shares, discovering that when skin is cleaned properly twice daily, hydrated with serums and essences, and protected from the sun and harsh elements, it will heal naturally and delay the aging process. “K-beauty is about being pro-skin, and leaving the anti-aging to follow and happen by itself,” says Letty. This is how she made the switch, from the advertised ‘clean & cream’ mentality to a healthier, cleaner skincare routine. 

Letty’s skincare tips

Skin type: Combination (mature)
Skin concerns: Visible pores, some pigmentation, occasional dullness and dehydration

  1. Double cleanse in the evening. Use a balm or oil first, followed by a gentle foaming cleanser.
  2. Layer 3 – 5 essences and serums instead of just a cream.  This helps the nutrients in the skincare absorb better because sometimes cream sits on the skin and gives no benefits.
  3. Always finish your skincare routine with a minimum SPF 30 sun protector.  Even on the cloudiest days, the harmful rays of the sun will damage your skin. Remember that if there’s light it’s coming from the sun.  
  4. Leave your day care moisturiser light but use thicker serums in the evening. When your skin is resting it is also renewing.
  5. Love your skin and treat it with care.  Never pick spots or try to squeeze blackheads.  It will just make them worse and leave you with open pores and scars.


What to love: Whatever the skin concern, this essence can help solve it. Galactomyces helps maintain skin elasticity and fade pigmentation, while Niacinamide reduces pores and brightens skin. Adenosine increases collagen, especially around the eye contour. With this essence, my skin looks smoother, brighter, and younger.

What to love: Very soothing. It hydrates the skin and calms any redness or irritation, even for soothing burns and sunburn. 

What to love: Light, watery, and instantly absorbed by the skin. This essence hydrates and helps repair the skin barrier.

What to love: All organic goodness, with no sulphates and harsh ingredients. My hair is healthy, clean, and never dried out. No conditioner needed!

What to love: Leaves my hair soft and untangled. Thanks to it, my hair has become shiny and healthier.


Marilyn Cini

Make-up artist and Occupational Therapist

IG: @marilyn.cinimakeup
FB: marilyn.cinimakeup

Marilyn Cini for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


Marilyn suffered from cystic acne when she was younger. “Although I had a good skincare routine, it took me a long time to get back on track,” she shares. Today, she regularly goes for facials and never misses her morning and evening skincare routine. “I do like to keep the same products that work for me, but I like to try new products after researching the ingredients,” she says. 

Marilyn’s go-to k-beauty products help manage her hormonal acne, and help her keep her skin healthy and makeup-ready. “Being a makeup artist, I use makeup on an everyday basis, thus a double cleanse and a good skin care routine is important to have the perfect canvas.”

Marilyn’s skincare tips

Skin type: Combination - normal with an oily T-zone
Skin concerns: Acne-prone skin with blemishes

  1. Do not pick on acne – use appropriate products to help them calm and heal faster. (Pimple patches are a blessing!)
  2. It’s important to check that any new product that you will use is aimed for your skin type – and use in the appropriate places or areas of the face, according to your needs. 
  3. Take time to clean your face well especially during the night to remove all the impurities from spending the day.


What to love: Blemishes are clearer, calmer, and clear up more effectively. My favorite repurchase.

What to love: Super easy to help flatten and heal stubborn acne. This has helped my acne heal faster and acts as a barrier to prevent further breakouts.

What to love: Super easy cleanser that melts the most stubborn makeup off skin, perfect for double cleansing. Leaves my skin moisturised and hydrated even after cleansing. 

What to love: Helps boost elasticity and promote cell turnover. My skin feel nourished and the overall redness is reduced.

Hospice Malta logo

 Marilyn supports Hospice Malta, a voluntary organisation that provides and promotes the highest standards of Palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neuron disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal and liver disease, and aims to support their families.

Use code HBDPEACHESXMLN to shop our anniversary collection at 15% off and we will donate a part of the proceeds to this foundation.



Rebecca Spiteri

Lifestyle blogger and university student

IG: @rebeccaspiteri_
FB: rebeccaslifestyle

Rebecca Spiteri for Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare


We partnered with Rebecca to curate a skincare routine for her specific skin concerns. Having only discovered k-beauty in the past year, Rebecca has seen significant results. “My skin has never been happier,” she shares.

Having had her fair share of skin troubles, one of the benefits Rebecca has gained is in self-confidence. After learning about why her skin was behaving the way it was, and discovering gentle yet effective solutions that worked for her specific needs, she shares her newfound self-love. “My skin feels and looks healthy and happy. I no longer wear makeup on a daily basis to cover my skin unlike before, when I was feeling insecure,” says Rebecca.

Rebecca’s skincare tips

Skin type: Combination to oily
Skin concerns: Blackheads and occasional intense oiliness 

  1. NEVER EVER extract blackheads and pimples unless it is done by a professional!
  2. Always make sure that the products you’re using are the correct ones for your skin type.
  3. Read and double read the way the products should be used for optimum results.
  4. Always make sure that you assess different areas of your skin because some areas may be oilier or drier than others - they require specific products for each situation and area.


What to love: Made my blackhead unnoticeable and lighter. Using it in a routine with the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, it just made me more confident in my own skin.

What to love: Love the way it makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed! This has helped improve my blackheads problem together with the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

What to love: Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, and truly radiant! It has helped clear and improved my powers to perfection while giving great hydration and moisture to my skin. 

The marigold Foundation Malta logo

Rebecca supports The Marigold Foundation, a voluntary and non-profit foundation that aims to positively empower people and to work with them to raise standards, support initiatives by other organisations and NGOs in Malta, and strengthen voices.

Use code HBDPEACHESXRBC to shop our anniversary collection at 15% off and we will donate a part of the proceeds to this foundation.



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