Nearly all of us have known someone with cancer, and had our lives affected by that diagnosis. Watching through his sister fight against cancer, Lee has made it his mission to help improve one of the most irritating side-effects from its treatments – skin dryness and barrier deterioration.

Rovectin believes:
You should feel comfortable in your own skin. 
You face the world each day through your skin. When your skin is clear and comfortable, you’re less stressed and feel free to take on your day with confidence.
Rovectin brings you pure and safe ingredients to transform your skincare routine and refresh your mind, body, and spirit.
Skincare is a Journey
Rovectin comes from the Latin word reverti, meaning “to go back to where it was.” Rovectin features restorative ingredients that go deep beyond the surface to gently repair damage and calm your complexion. Healthy skin is beautiful skin, but the transformation doesn’t happen overnight. When it comes to caring for your skin, we believe healing is better than hiding. Ready to toss the quick-fixes and irritating ingredients? Join Rovectin in their slow skincare revolution. 
Ingredients Matter
Safe and healthy ingredients build up the skin’s natural barriers. Rovectin is Clean Like You, specially formulated to sooth and revitalize the most sensitive skin and free from any irritating or potentially harmful ingredients.
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