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    Rooted in Wonder. Purito Seoul is a contemporary Korean skincare brand that draws inspiration from Korean ingredients and culture to create delightful, sensorial experiences that connect and inspire.

    Touch Your (Seoul). At Purito Seoul, they are captivated by the vibrant culture and limitless creativity that define Seoul - a city where nature and urban life coexist in perfect harmony.

    The "PURI" in PURITO is inspired by the Korean word 정화 - “Purification”. The "PURI" in the brand name signifies their dedication to sourcing the finest, pure ingredients from diverse regions of Korea. 

    The 'To (土)' in PURITO is derived from the Chinese character for "Earth or Soil,"
    symbolizing their deep-rooted connection to the planet Earth and its community.

    All their products are 100% EWG Green Level Certified, truly nature-made and 100% cruelty-free. By doing away with harmful substances commonly found in beauty products, they provide a “safe & honest” alternative. The brand also uses environmentally-friendly recycled paper packaging. 

    49 products
    PURITO 101 Set - Peadches&Creme Shop Korean Skincare Malta
    PURITO 101 Set - Peadches&Creme Shop Korean Skincare Malta
    Purito 101 Set
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