Damaged Packaging

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    Do you remember that one lonely banana in the fruit isle, or that box of goodies with a dent or crampled box that you did not purchase but still in perfect condition inside?

    Help us reduce waste. We're putting these products on sale so they can still be purchased at reduced prices. 

    The products in this collection have damaged packaging in the outside box, but the product inside is 100% untouched, unopened and in perfect condition for use.

    Why do we put these items on sale? The beauty industry is one of the contributors of waste, and you might be surprised, but packaging, as what almost everybody thinks, is not the main source. One of the main sources is the expired skincare products. 

    Additionally, although damaged packaging does not affect the efficacy of the product itself, we understand that this is still part of what the consumer is paying for. Because the products themselves are still good for use, we want these to be used and not be left on the shelf, therefore, avoiding waste.


    For more information on damaged packaging items, please message us!

    2 products
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