Taking Steps Toward Sustainability


We believe that every contribution counts in making sure future generations have a healthy planet to call home. Businesses are specially positioned to lead this effort - starting with being conscious of our environmental impact, encouraging greener practices, and strengthening the circle of support for other green and clean businesses.

We are always looking for ways to be greener - from carrying clean beauty brands, minimising waste in our packaging, to supporting environmental projects. Here we answer some of your questions regarding our sustainability efforts.


Are the products in your shop recyclable / plastic-free / use glass as packaging?

Picking the most eco-friendly packaging option, even glass, isn't always easy for skincare brands since there a lot of options that aren't compatible with formulas. Some products, like sunscreens, cannot be packaged in glass to protect it from UVA/UVB damage. But there are always smarter options out there, which is why the brands we carry in our shop are continuously striving to find the most sustainable packaging that reduces environmental footprint, and they always ensure that their products stay easy to use and uncomplicated so they can best serve its consumers and the planet.

Are your store's packaging materials recyclable?

We at Peaches&Crème, as an online store, are doing our utmost to do our part as entrepreneurs, to serve and protect our planet, by having all our packaging materials totally recyclable (even our packing peanuts are biodegradable!).

Are shipments from your store carbon-neutral?

As our way of giving back to and protecting our planet, we contribute to “Offset” to ensure ALL shipments from our store are carbon-neutral.

What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset reduces the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere so that increased greenhouse gases elsewhere have a net impact of 0. For example, suppose a truck releases 150 g of CO2 in one mile, and actions to preserve a forest remove 150 g of CO2 from the atmosphere. If you purchase one carbon offset that supports forest preservation for each mile that a truck travels, then the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere remain the same.

What is "Offset"?

Offset combines data from our store with industry data and peer-reviewed models to determine how much CO2 our shipments release into the environment, and then works with Pachama to determine the cost of offsetting those emissions.
Many factors go into an offset calculation, but the average cost per shipment is $0.005 USD, or half a cent.

What project does Offset currently fund?

Offset is currently funding the Jarí Para REDD+ Avoided Unplanned Deforestation project with Pachama. This is a Verified Carbon Standard certified project that will be verified by Pachama using their monitoring technology. The charges from Offset go towards protecting the existing forest, improving the biomass through better forest management practices, and verifying the progress of the project.


If you have suggestions or if you'd like to partner with us towards better sustainability, just drop us a line at hello@peachesandcremeshop.com. Happy Earth Day, everyday!