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    Aestura is a Korean skin care brand founded in 1983 by Amorepacific Group focused in medical beauty.

    Aestura is proud of its beauty philosophy for innovative practice recognised by medical experts to provide the most natural and healthiest skin care solution. By studying the basic functions and mechanisms of human skin, Aestura develops its range of Korean skin care products based on reliable scientific and medical research.

    Introduced as one of their skin care discoveries in the K beauty industry, DermaON is Aestura's exclusive ingredient inspired from the several layers of lipids featured in the brand's extensive range of Korean skincare products such as the Aestura Atobarrier 365 Cream line.

    Through endless research and pharmaceutical experience, Aestura is determined to seek the best and safest solution for your skin problems, rooted in the belief that every skin the world should rediscover its natural beauty.

    3 products
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