Haruharu Wonder


Everyday solution. A clean K-beauty collection with anti-aging essentials for all ages and skin types. 

HARUHARU is a lifestyle skincare brand having 'our daily life' as motive. The brand pursues natural life as in part of our daily.

Fermented skincare with turstworthy ingredient, WONDER brings your skin routine back to basic and seeks out 100% nature-originated skincare.

Haruharu seeks out simple, quick and effective skin treatment for troubled skin.

ALL ABOUT FERMENTED INGREDIENTS. Every single product in HaruHaru’s WONDER line contains at least 95% naturally-derived ingredients, including the star ingredient, fermented black rice. Black Rice contains abundant Anthocyanin (polyphenol) and flavonoid, it's excellent in anti-oxidation effect by helping eliminate active oxygen in skin and anti-aging.

Free of harmful chemicals, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

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