Meet with the first moon. Renew yourself as you meet Abib.

ABIB has been the second most searched for term at Olive Young, one of the largest beauty stores in South Korea, and rightly so! Because ABIB sets new standards in the K-Beauty scene and offers an outstanding range of effective and innovative cosmetics. 

ABIB stands for the ‘the first month’ or "ear month" and represents the first month in the Jewish religious calendar. It is also the month in which the first harvest is brought in and the first spring new moon is attested. ABIB is aiming for the most perfect and purest cosmetics, starting from the very first step of the beauty cycle. Their goal is to help your skin cycle back to its prime, natural complexion and focus on natural beauty and flawless skin. This is why ABIB also uses a minimalist packaging design and focuses on particularly high-quality ingredients that relax the skin, protect it from harmful environmental influences and slow down the aging process.

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