Crème's current faves!

My skin type: Dehydrated, oily, mature skin type, I have occasional breakouts now and then depending on the weather or my environment. 

Current skin concerns: Enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, acne-prone skin (I currently do not have acne now, and I want to keep it that way!)

Goal: To fade acne scars, keep acne away and keep that radiant, glowy skin!

My current skincare routine: Having struggled with acne, I know what it feels like. And now that I finally got to achieve an acne-free skin, I'd like to keep it that way, so I decided to keep a preventative skincare routine. It's getting warmer now, so I had to adjust my routine, from colder weather to a summer-like weather. I always keep hydration in mind in my routine, so I don't skip on my toner! Yes, I love propolis, mugwort, green tea, snail mucin and cica in my skincare, and I don't miss out on sunscreen and double cleansing guys! I also switched to using a lightweight Beplain gel moisturisers for warmer weather - I interchange these two Beplain moisturisers depending on how my skin feels: if I feel like the cicagel does not provide enough moisture, I use the Hyaluronic gel moisturiser. I use BHA products regularly for my oily skin too, especially when I feel that my skin is getting congested. 

I now only use BB cream and a pat of powder instead of foundation and heavy makeup (thank goodness! Healthy skin is the perfect base!). I mix Whamisa bb cream compact natural beige and Missha BB cream #25 in the cushion, apply 1 thin layer and blend away! 

See what's in my current skin care routine in this collection! These are all my current favorites that I am using now - which include hydrating, calming, anti-acne, brightening and antioxidant ingredients. I don't use all of these all in one routine, but I use them interchangeably depending on my skin condition (listen to your skin - it is telling you what it needs!).

I hope this helps! Have fun and enjoy you #MeTime!! ❤️

View the blog here and read more about my personal skincare journey! 

Wishing you good skin health always, Peaches!


~ Crème

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