Awarded the Best Brand of Organic Skincare during the Live Organic Awards 2020 held in Tarusa, Russia in December 2020, winning two years in a row from 2019!

Certified Organic Korean Beauty. WHAMISA combines natural and organic ingredients to create innovative and effective skincare. 

WHAMISA is a premium Korean brand of innovative organic skin care products. The brand is based on the concept of Clean Beauty and the Korean multi-stage beauty ritual for facial skin care. The unique proprietary technology of a gentle two-stage stage of fermentation allows the production of cosmetics, consisting of 72 to 99% of organic raw materials from certified plantations. The innovative fermented ingredients included in the composition allow the brand to eliminate the use of preservatives, and aloe juice, which replaces the water base of the products, provides the skin with additional care.

The special philosophy of the company, embodied in the environmental safety of products and technologies, is confirmed by certificates BDIH, EWG, DERMATEST, VEGAN (and cruelty-free).

Clean Container. WHAMISA has actively utilized minimal packaging, reuse, recycling, and biodegradable materials - they use a sugar cane pulp paper with minimal CO², printed with recyclable soybean oil and use a recycled waste wood.

Complementing fragrance and formulation. Since only natural fermentation ingredients were used without emulsifiers, the existing problem of separating layers over time was complemented and renewed through secondary fermentation. To protect the problem of natural scent being blocked by fermentation ingredients, WHAMISA uses essential oils in the lowest amount of allergen. Only the finest oils certified by the European Organic Certification are used and can be used with confidence in a small amount while ensuring safety. (The damask rose oil they use is a very expensive oil that costs over $8,500 per kilo.)

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