DERIVED FROM FRUIT. Real Fruit Goes Skin Deep.

Frudia is a combination  of the words "fruits" and "dia". Dia, which stems from the Greek word "by" or "of", describes the process by which Frudia mimics nature to nurture the skin. Like seeds obtain and create nourishment to grow into a beautiful, blossomed flower, Frudia delivers nutrients to transform the skin and promote healthy brilliance.

Frudia takes the energy of natural antioxidants derived from fruit to create nourishing care. Using R Vita W technology extracts the best nutrients to give your skin a healthy glow.

Frudia products hydrate and nourish skin by only including ingredients full of healthy antioxidants. Formulas are packed with powerful ingredients, and leave out anything without a benefit to skin – and benefits range from fighting the signs of aging to minimizing pores.

The brand has created four skin-care collections, each of them based on the benefits of a singular fruit.

  • The green collection is derived from green grapes and is designed for pore control and acne prone.
  • The pink line is derived from pomegranates to fight aging.
  • The yellow collection is derived from citrus fruits for skin brightening, Vitamin C evens out your complexion and reduces pigmentation.
  • The purple line is derived from blueberries for intense hydration and relieves dryness and vitalizes skin with the lively energy of Blueberries.