Some By Mi Real Care Sheet Masks

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    SOME BY MI Real Care Sheet Mask boasts a unique blend of ingredients to tackle four major skin concerns:

    • Real Calming Care: Cica, Tea Tree and AHA, BHA, PHA calm sensitive skin.
    • Real Moisture and Nutrition Care: Aloe, Honey and Hyaluron moisturise and nourish dehydrated skin.
    • Real Brightening Care: Gluthatione and Vitamin offer brightening effect,
    • Real Pore and Barrier Care: Super Matcha and Snail help restore the skin barrier. 

    Made with 100% plant-based cellulose sheet that is biodegradable and is not combined with any chemical fabric. Clear cell H sheet, made without drawback of getting loose from its thinness spreads well at once.

    Each mask has enough essence to be used on the neck and clavicle too! Tiny holes are filled with essence to deliver the skin with active ingredients effectively.

    10 products
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