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    Giving the right answer to skin problems. Everyone deserves healthy and beautiful skin.

    Rather than simply containing popular ingredients, Dr.G aims to provide trustworthy and authentic products by thoroughly examining each ingredient based on scientific data.
    Dr.G is a 'dermatologists recommended brand' that is dedicated to the skin and the development of products that are backed by along with certified plant-derived ingredients in each bottle that are clinically proven to improve skin health and treat most and all aliments.

    Dr. G was founded by Dr.Ahn Geon-Young. After a childhood experience with painful burns, he became a dermatologist in order to help people suffering from skin troubles. In 1998, when only private dermatology services were available, he founded Dermatology Clinic, the first cosmetic dermatology clinic in Korea, and then he launched the derma cosmetic brand “Dr.G’. Under the business slogan of “Dermatology Makes the World Healthier and More Beautiful”, Dr. G presented the perfect solution for skin troubles based on a vast
    amount of data and expertise accumulated from treatments and interventions for skin concerns.

    1 product
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