Bloom and Glow: Spring Makeup Looks🌸

Mar 24, 2023

 woman in orangery picking flowers

Let me paint you a picture: slowly blooming flowers, clear blue skies, and sweet juicy fruits. Springtime is all about feeling light and fresh—it’s the perfect time to for carefree expression and vibrancy.

All these to say: spring is my favourite season! I love its colours and I especially adore the makeup looks people come up with during this time of the year. So, because I’m a little menace when it comes to this season, I thought I’d take advantage (I promise I asked Crème for permission first 😉) and tell you guys about my favourite everyday springtime makeup—which are pretty easy and cute.

Skin Prep

Let me tell you a secret: I got into K-beauty skincare because I wanted my makeup to look better—and I thought there was no better solution than a smooth, glowing canvas and that with healthier skin, your makeup will always be top notch. 

These days, I always prep my skin before putting on makeup because I am acne-prone and my skin type is combination dry and oily. I also don’t use foundation as much as I probably should, so I always take time to make sure my base glows.

  1. First, I wash my face using a gentle, calming cleanser. Right now, my absolute favourite is the iUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam.
  2. After patting my face dry, I use the COSRX AC Calming Liquid Mild toner. I pour and rub it on my hands before gently patting onto my face. You can also use cotton pads, of course, I just don’t out of preference.
  3. I then use the COSRX Vitamin C 23 serum. I never skip this step because it gives my skin a juicy glow that I just love.
  4. As a combination skin girly, I make sure to moisturise like my life depends on it. My fave morning moisturiser at the moment is the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Aqua Gel Cream.
  5. My last and most important skin prep step is my sunscreen. I alternate between the Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick and the Beauty of Joseon Relief sunscreen depending on how my skin feels. However, I tend to reach for sunstick versions more since I use them as primer as well.
  6. Okay, this technically isn’t a step but more of a personal quirk, but I fan my face for about 2 minutes after prepping before putting on my makeup.

After these, I get my makeup and brushes ready!

(Note: these are my morning skincare faves. As an acne-prone girl, I have a whole night time routine dedicated to that skin issue.)


woman putting on lipstick looking at the mirror with lipsticks in the foreground

Pink Blooms and Red Tu-Lips

This look is my absolute Feeling Myself makeup look. I wear this on days when I need a little more self-love, want to have fun, or when I’m off to meet people.

  1. I always start with my eyes, using the Rom&nd Better than Eyes Dry Rose palette. Using an eyeshadow brush, I first apply the Soft Pink shade as base before applying the Rosy Pink shade. For more pigment, I use the brush to pat the eyeshadow on instead of the usual strokes. I then use my finger to apply the shimmer at the center of my lid and under my eyes for a spotlight effect.
  1. On to my lashes. I curl them and apply one coat of the PeriPera Ink Black Cara Long Lasting Curling mascara. To be a little spicier, I also apply mascara on my lower lashes.

🌟 On days when I feel fancy, I use a heated curler and apply two coats for more pronounced, diva-looking lashes. 🌟 

  1. After tending to my lashes, I use the BBIA Last Auto Gel Liner on my top waterline. This gel liner is pigmented and glides on smooth (really, apply it with a light hand; the pigment on this surprised me so much) so I only use it on my lower lash line on days when I’m in a vampy makeup mood.
  1. Here’s one of my favorite parts—blushes. Apply the A’pieu Pastel Blusher in PK04 using a soft fluffy brush on the apple of your cheeks, in a circular motion.
  1. Lastly, we’ve got your showstopper—vibrant, red lips. My favourite for this is the PeriPera Ink the Velvet. It’s lightweight, pigmented, and LONG-WEARING.

🍑 Peach Tip! Even if this is my all-time fave, I admit that the application can be messy. I only add a thin layer before blotting it off with a napkin and then repeat this step at least three times more or until I get the red shade I want. A Q-tip is also helpful to clean off the edges of your lips (unless you have concealer).

Peaches & Corals

I go for this look on spring days when I feel a bit lazy but still want to look cute and fresh. This is my choice for my me time, coffee runs, and trips to the grocery store. 

  1. Again, I start with my eyes—but because this is a simple look—I reach for the Missha Cotton Blush in Carrot Buttercream. I use a semi-soft brush to apply it on my eyelids and then I create an almond shape by connecting it to the lower part of my eyes.
  1. I do my usual lash routine but this time I DO NOT coat my lower lashes for a Clean Girl Look. The eyeliner also remains the same.
  1. Going for a more aligned look, I apply the same Missha blush shade that I used on my eyes for my cheeks. This time I start at its middle [center of my eye per side] and brush upwards to the temple for a natural, lifting effect.
  1. To break the monochrome look, I use the Clio Dewy Blur Tint in Coral Dusty on my lips. Note, however, that it looks lighter on me because I am acidic and have a morena complexion.
  1. To set everything, I use the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. This little thing is an essential that never, ever leaves my bag wherever I go. It's a life-saver and I will always promote this powder whenever I have the chance. Aside from setting my makeup, I use it for touch-ups and to control oil when I'm out and about. It has never let me down.

group of friends smiling under the sunshine

Final Thoughts

I know the cosmetics industry gets a bad rep for sometimes preying on individuals’ self-esteem issues but I think it can also fall on perspective. For example, I actually enjoy putting on makeup and figuring out how I can use it as an extension of my self-expression. Looking at the different colours, palettes, and packaging really brings me happiness, and I have so much fun when creating new looks.

If you’re like me, I hope you can also find simple joys through K-beauty skincare and makeup—and I hope you enjoyed my springtime suggestions. Keep glowind and stay happy, peaches! 🍑✨




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