Step up your glow game for SPRING!

Mar 29, 2022

woman in spring field wearing flower crown

After months of chilly and frigid temperatures, spring is finally on the horizon. Winter has (almost) left the building, taking with it our dreary moods and dry, flaky, itchy skin.

But while we are happy to finally see some sun, feel warmer air (well, a bit!) and increased humidity, this transition period means that our skin is about to be in for a shock. How can we prepare our skin for sunnier days ahead? Read on below for some tips on getting healthy, glowy skin that just screams spring!

1. Swap for a lighter moisturiser.

Our skin tends to hold up more water during spring and summer, so it won’t need as much protection compared to the dry and cold weather during winter.

Here are some light moisturisers you can check out:

 2. Don’t stop using sunscreen.

We will never tire of reminding you sweets to use sunscreen throughout the year, no matter the season!

For those of you who use a moisturiser with at least SPF 30 in the winter, it is recommended to now separate your sunscreen from your lotion or any moisturiser to get more sun protection (we recommend at least SPF50).

Click here to see all sunscreens (and aftersun care) in store.

woman with face scrub

 3. Set your skin free and exfoliate.

 It’s time to bring your spring glow game, refresh your skin, and slough off those dead skin cells that have piled up during winter. So go and unblock the pores with a gentle exfoliating cleanser, essence, or peeling gel or peeling gauze rather than harsh face scrubs.

Here are some gentle face scrubs you can check out:

Peeling serums and ampoules:

    Peeling gauzes:

      Or you can give peeling gels a try:

      If you feel like your skin needs a good deep cleaning, you can also go for clay masks to detoxify and degunk your pores. Clay masks usually made of Kaolin clay will draw out impurities and visibly minimise the look of large pores.

      skincare products flat lay

         4. Spring clean your skincare arsenal.

        Throw out anything that’s older than 6 months old. Old products can harbor bacteria, leading to clogged pores and dull skin. Learn more about spring cleaning your skincare in our blog post here.

        Don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes and skincare tools, too, so you can remove all those unwanted germs. And to keep them clean, wash those brushes at least once a week with soap (or brush cleaner, to avoid drying the fibers) and dry them with a blow dryer (yeah, just like how you dry your hair!).

        5. Boost that glow with light, nourishing makeup.

        Spring makeup can be lighter for that fresh look, so a CCC Cream or BB Cream can be a substitute for a heavy foundation.

        woman in bath holding body scrub bar

           6. Don’t forget your body, hands, and toesie-woesies.

          Get your soles sandals ready with a foot mask, foot scrub, and finish off with lotion. Remove and soften dead and dried skin (and calluses), give it a good (body) scrub, and don’t forget your body lotion especially after exfoliating to have all of your skin ready for lighter and shorter clothes this spring!

          For your feet:

          And for that fabulous body-ody-ody:

           Check out our full and updated Spring 2023 Skincare Collection! 🌼


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