Go, Grow, and Glow! Celebrating Our 3rd Anniversary

Oct 27, 2023

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary - Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare

Three cheers for our 3rd anniversary! Peaches&Crème started with a simple reason: we are skincare enthusiasts who wanted to share the joy of loving and taking care of our skin; to feel good about ourselves and for it to show (not the other way around!). We’re all about skincare as self-care—your own little ritual to enjoy for some #SeriouslyGoodFun and #SeriouslyGoodSkin.

Our 3rd anniversary is a big milestone for us so we sat down with our CEO and co-founder, Crème, to give you a look at the story behind the birth and growth of Peaches&Crème throughout the years.

Dreams—like healthy skin—take time to achieve

“We created this store with a mindset that we will grow slowly and steadily. During our third year, we did not expect that we would grow more than three times as much from 2022.”

Peaches&Crème was built from scratch during the COVID pandemic, with stock in an apartment and two sisters supporting each other. At the time, K-beauty products were extremely difficult to source and costs were through the roof. The two sisters had to be committed, diligent, and fast learners to make the online store happen. (From Crème: And somehow, I enjoyed working with my sister and co-founder. We survived setting up and operating the company the past 3 years, and after all this time, we are still sisters! It is a milestone and achievement!)

“I remember the very first reason we had in setting up this company in Malta – we wanted K-Beauty to be accessible and delivered fast to customers in Malta, instead of waiting for days (or weeks) to receive your products, while also removing the burden of high shipping fees from customers when ordering from abroad.”

Crème continues to share, “I was very determined to make the company to provide easy access to K-beauty to the island, but also without having to over-burden our customers with very high prices.” The CEO had to balance providing value for money and earning enough to continue operating, especially since product and shipping costs increased a lot during and after the pandemic. The fact that we continued to be on par with (and not far off) the prices offered by other stores in Central Europe all while continuing to satisfy our customers with the freebies they receive with their order, despite these hurdles, is an achievement, especially for a small store like ours. 

And when Peaches&Crème launched, we were basically an unknown: no history, relationships, customers, or referrals to suppliers to back us up. People were understandably skeptical of an online store selling Korean skincare in Malta during a time when K-beauty was not accessible to the island. “It was nerve-wracking and scary, but having the courage to believe in your brand despite everything and keep moving forward is something we can be proud of,” Crème recalls.

Sharing love and joy through K-beauty skincare

So how did an itty-bitty online store grow to be the largest Korean skincare retail store located and based in Malta, with over 115 brands available? Meaningful connections and genuine interactions.  

We started reaching out to collaborators, our beloved Partners-in-Beauty, to introduce them to K-beauty and have them try our products after getting to know them and their respective skin types. They believed in us back when we started our company, and by sharing their personal experiences, helped open the door for us to the Maltese market. And at present, 3 years later, we continue to treasure and collaborate with these individuals!

Our partners-in-beauty - Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare

We recently collaborated with Marilyn and Grecia as well as Rebecca for our third anniversary!

We also placed a lot of effort and work into our customer service, to make sure our customers always felt heard and catered to. When customer reviews through comments and even emails started to trickle in, we have to say: the support, thank you’s, and compliments often leave us speechless out of gratitude. Our dear Peaches, you do not know just how much your messages give us the strength and drive to work even harder. Thank you so much! 

With this, we are also proud of the small ways we try to give back to the community. Peaches&Crème is more than just a business for us—it’s a platform where we educate skincare beginners, share insights on how to properly take care of the skin, and voice out our own values. We especially enjoyed releasing the campaigns for Pride Month, Women’s Day, Mental Health Awareness Day, Labour Day, and Earth Day as these are connected to the issues we feel strongly about.

Looking forward to a bright and joyful future

“We want to keep a strong customer base, which will open the way and opportunity to set up a physical flagship store. A lot of customers are asking for this, and we want to be able to achieve this within the next 5 years.” 

Peaches&Crème has always been a labour of love, which makes its growth throughout the years all the more precious and heartening. From our humble beginnings in an apartment, brainstorming what we wanted to be, and actually moving to our current warehouse (with our company logo on the building!), we never thought our passion for K-beauty and skincare could spark these achievements.

When asked about her feelings on our 3rd anniversary, Crème shares, “Having reached the 3-year mark gave me a sense of achievement, especially for a very small company that was born during COVID, and at the same time, a realisation that there’s still a lot more things that I want to do! I am happy and proud to see what me and my co-founder (my sister) decided to create together 3 years ago is not only still standing until today but continuously growing. And most importantly, we are still happy, passionate, and still believing in what we set our minds to do 3 years ago. 

The future is bright and we are proud to step into it with you! We thank you, our dear customers, and all our partners and suppliers who continue to make it possible for us to share our love for K-beauty and skincare with others. We promise to continue delivering quality products and excellent customer service in the years to come. 

Here’s to more joyful years of #SeriouslyGoodFun and #SeriouslyGoodSkin, Peaches. Stay happy, healthy, and glowing!

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