Overcoming Adversity: Rebecca Spiteri’s Skincare Journey

Oct 24, 2023

The best things in life are often paved with challenges—and this includes healthy, glowing skin.

As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we’re putting the spotlight on lifestyle blogger and our partner-in-beauty Rebecca Spiteri as she shares her personal skincare journey and how she found courage—and hope—in her quest to give her skin the love and care that it deserves.

Courage and a Dream

Rebecca is a partner-in-beauty we admire for her talent, glowing optimism, and inspiring outlook on life and skincare. However, she actually had a rough go at keeping her skin clear and healthy years ago.

“I had a very traumatizing relationship with skin…it was the absolute worst. I was always being told that I was using the wrong products by different facialists that I went to. I spent hundreds of Euros on products that damaged my skin heavily.”

At that time, Rebecca had a clear image of what her dream skin was: perfect and unblemished at all times; the type of skin she usually saw online. This mindset led her to low self-esteem and a habit of buying skincare products that were either incompatible or damaging to her skin, which in turn, affected her confidence again. It was a harsh cycle of self-doubt.  
Rebecca Spiteri - Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare
Rebecca, today: Happy and confident in herself

Rebecca Spiteri's Skincare Journey - Peaches&Creme K-beauty

"I must admit that I was definitely a bit skeptical at first about trying the products after my painful past with skincare products that were recommended to me.

I’m so happy that I decided to enter the wonderful world of K-skincare with an open mind."

Rebecca, however, was not the type of person to stay down and defeated. She continued to search for the right way to care for her skin. Korean skincare was beginning to make huge waves on social media sites then, and this piqued Rebecca’s interest. K-beauty was well-known and well-loved for their gentle yet effective skin care. So, despite her doubts, Rebecca took the leap.

Being kind to yourself—and your skin

Our collaboration with Rebecca began with a conversation to help understand her skin’s situation and the best way to care for it. Rebecca was all-in when it came to getting to the root of what her skin concerns were and she knew what she wanted at the time: no more harsh chemicals.

“My main motivation for trying Korean skincare was the ingredients list on each product! When I saw organic and natural ingredients, I immediately knew that the change I was going to go through would be some gentle to my skin in such a way that would bring about the change that my skin needed but in a gradual and non-aggressive way!”  
Rebecca and her fave K-beauty products - Peaches&Creme Skincare
Rebecca's favorite K-beauty skincare products

In addition, Rebecca slowly but surely learned to embrace the imperfections of healthy skin. She no longer chased the idea of skin that was flawless at all times. She kindly shares, “They [Peaches&Crème] have taught me how the occasional pimple is normal (and expected), they taught me how to understand what my skin is going through at any point and more importantly they have taught me how best to help my skin. I can’t tell you how my life has changed, truly!”

(P&C: Really, Rebecca. You left us blushing here…)

Rebecca Spiteri after using Korean skincare - Peaches&Creme K-beauty

"No skin is perfect... It is perfectly normal to go through flare ups." - Rebecca

From Rebecca 💌

Rebecca’s experience left her with insights when it comes to K-beauty and skincare. Below, she shares tips, her most-loved skincare step, and recommended Korean skincare products!

Skincare Tip

My top tip is to get in touch straight away with Peaches&Crème. Your skin deserves a loving skincare family that are here to listen to its needs and wants. The best thing you can do if you are a beginner is speak up, discuss what is going on in your skin, and educate yourself on the best way forward to achieve your skin dreams!

Rebecca with Family  - Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare

Rebecca and her family loves K-beauty!

Favourite Skincare Step

My favourite step in my skincare regime is step 1 in my evening routine. None other than the cleansing oil step! Before entering the Korean Skincare universe, I had no idea what double cleansing was. I’m so happy that I learnt about it 3 years ago because what I always wanted after a long day working is to have the cleanest skin before going to bed. At the moment I’m using the ‘Made for me by me’ oil cleanser by AXIS-Y. I love this step more than any other because it breaks down all my makeup and cleanses my skin from impurities that my skin picked up throughout the day. Using this product truly prepares my skin to be cleansed well – best way to end the day believe me!

Rebecca Recommends

SIORIS Cleanse Me Softly Milk Cleanser

This product has to be my absolute favourite cleanser of all time! I love it because of the way my skin feels when I use it! This cleanser has a milky texture, like a lotion almost, that helps to clean the skin whilst leaving it feeling moisturized and prevents dryness after cleansing your skin.

Beauty of Joseon Glow Deep Serum: Rice + Arbutin

I call this product the instant confidence booster. The glow that this serum gives my skin is something that I had never seen before. I love using this serum whenever I’m shooting content, when I have one of those important days or simply when I need a boost of confidence. My skin always looks soooooo radiant when I use this!

Beauty of Joseon Matte Sun Stick: Mugwort+Camelia SPF 50+ PA +++

Sunscreen like I have never experienced before! I was always accustomed to the liquid sunscreens and while my skin liked them for what they offered it, these liquid sunscreens never offered the finish that the matte sun stick by Beauty of Joseon offers! The glaze that my skin has every day is amazing at the end of my morning skin routine and with each application of it every 2 hours. I love how although it gives the skin a glaze, the glaze is non greasy!

A message of hope

I’ve been there, everyone goes through it in different ways. Know that you are not alone and that whatever you’re going through is absolutely normal. Know that Peaches&Crème are right behind you and trust me when I say this, we are one big family with happy healthy skin and ready to welcome you in with open arms.

Check out Rebecca's skincare journey, life updates, and travels 👉🏼  IG: @rebeccaslifestyle_ / FB: @rebeccaslifestyle


Like Rebecca, our journey as Peaches&Crème took a lot of courage and hope which is why we’re grateful to everyone that supported us—and continues do so. Celebrating our 3rd anniversary has been a total joy because of everyone’s love and encouragement.

By sharing Rebecca’s story, we hope that our dear Peaches remember that skincare is a process, and never about perfection. Be kind to yourself and patient in your journey. Stay glowing!

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