The latest in sustainable K-Beauty.  

Toun28 seeks healthy beauty to benefit people and the environment. With its commitment to the environment, Toun28 prides itself on creating products with natural and certified organic, cruelty-free, allergen-free, and gentle yet potent ingredients. 

Toun28 is a one of a kind brand. As the first beauty start up to receive funding from skincare heavyweights Amorepacific, this brand uses simple ingredients and has a huge ethos for sustainability at its core. Using recyclable packaging and promoting transparency of their ingredients, these vegan formulations tackle specific skin types.

TOUN28 developed a biodegradable paper container for daily cosmetics to reduce plastic uses. TOUN28 tried over 500 times to develop the world first paper recycle-labelling paper package. They're still on the journey to make a 100%-biodegradable paper container with no plastic cap.

But in the meantime, TOUN28 gives you organic and natural 'Put Ons' in the paper packages that everyone used to say was impossible. TOUN28 'Put Ons' pay 90% of costs for the raw ingredients, and only 10% for containers.

Additionally, after meticulous and rigorous screening by The Vegan Society®, the oldest and most active VEGAN organization globally, TOUN28 has been registered by The Vegan Society® with about 20 products.