Happy ALEX Day! 🎉 Celebrating 1 year with our Partner-in-Beauty

Jun 24, 2023

One of the most beautiful accessories you can wear is confidence: to embrace your flaws, love yourself, and face each day with a smile on your face. When we at Peaches&Crème think of self-confidence, we always remember one of our beloved partners-in-beauty Alex Butters.

We’re celebrating our first anniversary with Alex as one of our partners-in-beauty! 🎉 Alex is a lover of skincare and self-care, and one of the first content creators in Malta to dedicate her platform to sharing her honest reviews. Scroll down and join us in looking back on the wonderful year that we have shared with Alex.



Alex had always enjoyed skincare, saying, “No one believes me, but I really look forward to those 10 - 15 minutes to myself; I start my day fresh or unwind in the evening while doing my skincare routine. It’s not a chore or a luxury but a form of self-care that, for a few minutes a day, is all about me.”

Never skipping a day, Alex put great effort into achieving the results she was hoping for: perfectly clear, glowing skin. However, her go-to solution then was to buy expensive skincare products that were hyped on social media and to simply cover up blemishes using make-up.

Alex admitted that her skin concerns made an impact on her self-esteem and confidence which is why she really made an effort to find ways to achieve healthier skin.

“My skin was crying out for help. The more I cared, the less it was working, and it was about time to make a change.”

As Alex realised that something had to be done, K-beauty started making bigger waves globally and eventually hit her news feed. With the pandemic giving her slower days and more time to play around with new skincare products, Alex started her foray into the world of K-beauty with the RNW Gentle Cleansing Oil.

It was the first step, but within one week of daily use, she saw a remarkable change in her skin. “I noticed a difference in my skin complexion—it was already glowing in just a week and it felt hydrated and plumper. I had never used a cleansing oil before which might be the reason why my skin never felt this good,” Alex shared.

It was by this time that the Peaches&Crème team and Alex got in touch and began sharing conversations on the importance of self-care through nurturing your skin.

Alexandra Butters @withlove_alexx | Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare

Alex Butters | IG: @withlove_alexx







Alex BEFORE switching to k-beauty | Peaches&Creme Skincare | Malta

Alex BEFORE changing her skincare


Alex After K-beauty | Peaches&Creme Skincare | Malta

 “The acne scars, blemishes, pores or other skin concerns do not mean you don't treat your skin well. Nor should it define who you are. It means you are human. Even your physical skin and appearance has to go through tough times in order for it to glow… Remember that the GOAL is healthy skin, not perfect skin.”

- Alex via IG (@withlove_alexx)


Alex AFTER K-beauty | Peaches&Creme Skincare | Malta

Alex AFTER switching to K-beauty (skin with makeup)


“When I had finally embraced that skincare is a form of self-care rather than a daily routine you must go through, my skin showed visible results such as smoothness and radiance. That in itself boosted my self-esteem.”

As part of our collaboration, we reached out to Alex for consultations, customised a daily routine for HER specific skin type and concerns, and recommended the right products with the best ingredients for her sensitive skin. We focused on gentle products and decided that it was best to slowly introduce K-beauty skincare into her routine.

Of course, building the right routine that gives your skin what it truly needs is impossible to achieve in just one go. Alex went through several trials, errors, and more consultations. Remembering these days, Alex shared, “I learnt that the best way to change your routine is to start small and simply try a new product every week so you allow your skin to adjust. I started seeing results when I learnt how to layer the products (starting with the thinnest formulation to the thickest). That, in my opinion, was a game changer in my skincare routine.”

Alex was positive, excited, and patient when it came to giving her skin the TLC she knows it deserves. With time, she happily shared that painful blemishes became less frequent, acne marks slowly faded, and that she started to notice how her skin was developing a healthy glow that she loved. Alex has always been a passionate skincare enthusiast, but now, her self-care routine was targeting her actual skin issues AND helping improve her mood “even when stress levels are at 100+++”.

This is what we and our partners-in-beauty like Alex believe K-beauty skincare is all about—helping you feel and look good in your own skin. Allowing your skin time to adjust, treating it to gentle care, and choosing ingredients that are good for you will give glowing results.




Building your self-confidence isn’t always a linear journey. Alex confesses that she still struggles with self-care at times, and more often than not, it’s her skin that signals these lags. To shake her out of this funk, Alex makes sure to unwind by treating herself to a few precious minutes of skincare.


Alex's Morning Skincare | Peaches&Creme K-beauty | Malta

A few of Alex's morning skincare faves

Alex's PM Skincare | Peaches&Creme K-beauty | Malta

Some of Alex's bedtime skincare




Whenever Alex feels like her skin needs an extra boost, or simply once a week, she uses sheet masks or a Mugwort mask pack.




Alex also left this little message to her fellow Peaches after sharing her skincare routine with us: There’s no one-size-fits-all approach—after all, self-care is all about yourself. Every skin is different.



Black Charcoal Mask | Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare | Malta

Alex's Sheet Masks | Peaches&Creme K-beauty Skincare | Malta

Follow Alex on IG (@withlove_alexx) for more photos and posts like these.



Skincare: If I had to choose one? Difficult ☺️ But my top 3 are: the RNW Cleansing Oil, COSRX Blemish Spot Clearing Serum, and SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Air-Fit Suncream plus SPF.




Makeup: Without a doubt, the Wink Foundation Pact Refill SPF50+/PA+++. I’m on my fourth refill and I won’t be changing my foundation anytime soon. As for lipstick, the Missha Wish Stone Tints are a staple in my makeup bag.



With LOVE: Alex’s Advice Corner 💌

We asked Alex for words of wisdom and care for her fellow Peaches. Here’s what she has to say about skincare and the importance of self-confidence:

On starting your skincare journey and keeping your skin healthy:

    1. Start small. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a lot of products just because you see them on social media. The key to healthy skin is not about having perfect skin, it’s about knowing your skin type, using the correct products and ingredients that will revive your skin, and understanding that clear or untextured skin does not exist.

    2. Picture-perfect skin is not the way to go. The important steps to having a healthy relationship with your skin is being present, being consistent, and learning that beautiful skin requires commitment—not a miracle.

    3. No one has perfectly smooth, glass-like skin. In a world of insta-filters, appreciate your skin more and NEVER compare your progress to anyone else’s.


    On self-confidence and loving your skin:

    I do admit, I struggle with self-confidence at times. However, I learnt to love and understand my imperfections, and work around them rather than hide them. If there’s some advice I will always share with my friends or followers, it is that NO ONE IS PERFECT.

    You must be comfortable in your skin now to see and make improvements in the future. Every skin is different. Never compare it with someone who splashes some water on their face and call it good. While it may work for them, it’s okay if you must work a little bit more on your journey to achieve the results you want. The rest is up to you; be consistent. I promise you, IT WILL BE WORTH IT.



    To our dear Alex

    Everyone here at Peaches&Crème is happy to have you as one of our partners-in-beauty. We are proud to have you as a creative collaborator and to see you shine as a confident woman. This past year has been a joyous one, and we are forever grateful that you let us share your skincare journey with you. You are an inspiration to us all and we look forward to witnessing the many great milestones we are sure you’ll achieve in the years to come. 

    HAPPY ALEX DAY! May you continue to glow and may your future be even kinder and brighter.

    With love,



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    For more creative, fun, and educational content on skincare and self-love—follow Alex @withlove_alexx on Instagram. 💖🍑

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