How to use your Remote Government Vouchers to pay for your order

How to use your Digital Government Vouchers in store

Good news: We are now accepting Digital Government Voucher payments for all local orders within Malta! Just follow the steps below. To learn more about Digital Government Vouchers, click here.

Our shop was eligible to receive the BLUE Government Voucher Payments for Retail & Services until 31 October 2021 and the MTA Long Term Stay PURPLE vouchers until 31 December 2021. Click here and go to the VAT Number Checker section and enter our company's VAT number - MT​​ 27226714.




Just send us these details via email at or message us on Facebook.

  1. We highly recommend you to order and purchase an e-gift card for a faster and easier ordering and payment process.  Send us which e-gift card denomination you want to purchase. (Gift Cards are available in Eur20, Eur40 and Eur60 denominations. Click here for Gift Cards available in store.)
  2. The amount from your vouchers that you would like to use to pay for your order. (NOTE: The vouchers to be used for your purchase should be equal or more than the amount of your order).
  3. Your name, email, shipping and billing address/es, and mobile number. 


We will prepare a draft order for the items you would like to purchase, including delivery fee, if any. The draft order number (with reference code: D#XX) will be the reference number in the payment link that we will send you in Step 3 below.



We will send you the generated link (via email or messenger) for you to be able to pay using your government voucher(s) as per your instructions in Step 1(2) above.

The payment link will have the draft order number (with reference code: D#XX) that we sent you in Step 2.


Here's how to use your payment link:
  1. Click on the link or enter the link on your internet browser. This will direct you automatically to your voucher e-wallet.
  2. Log into your account to access your voucher e-wallet.
  3. Select and confirm the vouchers being requested for remote voucher payment. Select the BLUE vouchers for RETAIL & SERVICES.
  4. Press "SEND VOUCHERS" to confirm your voucher payment.


Read more about Digital Government Voucher payments here. 
Download the full guide to Digital Government Vouchers: click here



    Upon our receipt of your voucher payment, you will receive an order confirmation from us and your e-gift card. VAT invoices for will be sent via email immediately after receiving your order confirmation.

    Upon receipt of your e-gift card code:

    1. Place the order yourself online and add all the items you would like to purchase in your shopping cart.
    2. Upon checkout, use the E-GIFTCARD CODE that you received from us to pay part of your order amount by entering the code at checkout. This will reduce your shopping cart by the amount of the gift card you purchased using your gov't vouchers.
    3. Remember that you can enter a discount code and the e-gift card code in the same order. You can enter the codes one after the other in the same box at checkout.
    4. Pay the remaining balance online using Paypal or any major credit cards accepted in our store.
    5. Receive an order confirmation right away. It's as easy as 1-2-3!


    If you have questions, kindly message us on Facebook at or email us at Happy shopping!