Our Motto: Seriously good fun. Seriously good skin.

We're a company on a mission: to share the magic that is Korean skin care and bring great skin days closer to more people. If possible, to everyone! (First, Malta, Europethen, the world!)

We've all been there. Unless by chance and the grace of heaven you didn't get acne as a teen, most of us have experienced the worry and anxiety and lack of self-confidence because of bad skin. You grow up thinking it's going to be over soon, but unfortunately not for everyone. You wait and wait. You look at the time. Your skin has aged, and with it, more needs and demands.

But that's the past. We're here now. And we have what we all desperately need: hope!

We built this company because we experienced it for ourselves. Gone are the days of putting on chemicals and harsh BS on our skin out of desperation and spite. Today, we love our skin, and our skin loves us. Now we're all about trying to get our skin at its healthiest, plumpy-est, glowy-estand most importantlyhappiest.

That's it. That's the joy we want to share.

All brands and products we carry in this store, we've tested and we vouch for. (If you're curious, the company owners are a combo of oily, combination, and aging skin, so thank goodness for range, right?)

We hope you have fun with it as much as we do. Enjoy!

No need to look far, no need to wait for a long delivery time! Our store offers the largest product assortment of K-beauty brands in Malta. We deliver all over Malta (& Gozo), and to all EU member states and we ship orders directly from our warehouse located in Malta, Europe. Your beauty haul will be at your doorstep as soon as the following day!


(Founded May 2020. Officially launched October 2020.)