8 Tips for a More Sustainable Skincare Routine

Apr 27, 2024

Let us be kind to the environment as we are kind to our skin—it is what our home deserves. 

The beauty industry is huge with a dense market that constantly feeds us the next big thing, the newest holy grail, and the best of the best. With all the wonders the industry offers, it is easy for us to get carried away. Slowly, we start stocking up on more and more skincare products—some good for you and some simply too much (for your skin and the environment).

We don’t really notice how much our skincare routines affect the earth, dismissing it as a small drop in a vast ocean. However, with thousands and thousands of individuals with the same mindset, these "minor" concerns start to make a major impact on our environment and resources.

Let’s turn things around. If our individual skincare routines can burden our planet, then making small changes—together—to greener practices can also save it. We’re not here to condemn or guilt you for your skincare; these are simple tips so you, too, can join in protecting our planet and ensuring a bountiful future for generations to come.

8 Tips for a more Sustainable Skincare Routine - Peaches&Creme Shop Korean Skincare Malta

1. With care and purpose: Intentional skincare

‘What does your skin truly need?’ is the guiding hand behind intentional skincare. This approach, similar to K-beauty, focuses on looking at your skin, identifying its needs, and tailoring your skincare routine to them. It is about making more thoughtful decisions when it comes to buying products—minimising impulsive purchases, your impact on the environment, and the risk of overburdening your skin.

Creating an intentional skincare routine can be confusing but we’ve got your back. Here are some questions to help you choose what products get to stay, and what needs to be removed from your cart:

  • What is the goal of my skincare routine? (e.g. acne care, brighter skin, less oil, etc.)
  • What is the purpose of this product?
  • Will my skin benefit from this product?
  • Is it redundant? (e.g. same ingredients with other products, too many actives, etc.)
  • Is this new product something I need or is this the FOMO talking?

Intentional skincare can help you resist the itch to buy unnecessary products and, in turn, lessen the waste you create through your purchases. It can take time to get things right but it’s well worth the effort to make sure that you are treating your skin and the environment well.

2. Check your packaging options

It’s unfortunate but the packaging of our favourite products contribute a lot to skincare waste. We often point our fingers at plastics (and that’s valid) but glass also has a high environmental impact from production up to transport and disposal. So, what can we, as individuals, do with our limited options? Choose skincare products with packaging that is easier to reuse or recycle depending on your location and lifestyle. Some brands also use recycled plastic materials so keep an eye out for them. 👀 If you can, using refillable skincare products is another great option for reducing waste!

3. Get multiple items when shopping online

Tip: Buy multiple products when shopping online - Peaches&Creme Shop Korean Skincare Malta

This is not a PSA for hoarding! Online shopping is extremely convenient but the whole process of packing and shipping products to your doorstep produces waste, requires resources, and leaves a carbon footprint. Try to time your purchases so you can get all the items you need (cleanser, moisturiser, etc.) in one shop and transaction to minimise the number of your deliveries.

4. Finish products to the very last drop

For the sake of our planet and your wallet, make sure to always use up your skincare before buying new ones. If you have items in tubes, cut them in half so you can get to the product you can't squeeze out. There are also some droppers that can't reach the last of your serum at the bottom of the bottle. When this happens, it's best to just tip them out to make sure you get every drop.

5. Recycling is the name of the game

One of the most important ways to make your skincare routine eco-friendlier is recycling. It can be confusing, however, especially since the regulations vary depending on where you are in the world. Luckily, there are some general guidelines you can use to get started:

  • Clean out containers properly before sorting them for recycling.
  • Tubes, caps, and applicators may be too small to be recycled.
  • Product packaging with mixed materials are not recyclable. Separate your tubes from their caps and disassemble pumps, compacts, and makeup palettes if you can before putting them in the bin.
  • Coloured glasses or plastics are difficult to recycle—it will heavily depend on your local guidelines.
  • Clear glasses, aluminium, and paper are easily recycled.
  • Aerosol cans can be recycled but make sure they are empty.

For an easier experience and to know the specifics, research and read what the recycling guidelines are in your area! You can also check if there are any third-party recycling programs accessible to you for more flexibility.

6. Don't throw away skincare you don't like

    Imagine this: you buy a new moisturiser because the reviews are great. Your favourite content creator says it saved their skin and even your friends found it incredible. When you tried it, however, your skin reacted negatively. Should this moisturiser go straight to the bin? No. 

    Skincare products that don’t agree with your skin, specifically your face, can be used for body care instead (skin is skin!). You can also gift them to your friends and family.

    🌱 Returning products is discouraged since most businesses do not sell these. Often, returned items are damaged on purpose, burned, or thrown out.

    7. Cut down on single-use skincare

      Take inventory of your current skincare line-up and assess what single-use items you can use less or replace with reusable ones. This can help reduce waste and be good for your skin in the long run.

      It's time to let go of makeup wipes! The ingredients used for wipes and the act of physically rubbing your face can be too harsh on your skin. Instead of using makeup and facial wipes, opt to double-cleanse using cleansing oils or balms. In addition to reducing waste, these are great for nourishing your skin and gently unclogging pores.

      If you use cotton pads for applying toners, consider reusable cloth pads—you can even DIY these using scrap cloth from old clothes, pillow cases, and the like. Just remember to wash your cloth pads regularly.

      Letting go of single-use skincare can get tricky when it comes to sheet masks since they're convenient and beneficial to your skin. Again, we are not here to guilt you out of your skincare and comforts—it’s about the small things you can do to reduce waste. You can substitute your single-use masks with mask packs or wash-off ones. Another option is replacing single-sheet packs with containers, which you can then recycle or reuse after being cleaned. 


      8. Turn the tap off

        Water is one of the natural resources consumed by the production and use of skincare products. It may not seem much but being mindful of the faucet and water flow while washing your face, hands, showering, and brushing your teeth can help reduce the environmental impact of your hygiene and skincare routine.

        Let us all do our part

        Let's work together to protect the environment - Peaches&Creme Shop Korean Skincare Malta

        Being more earth-conscious is a responsibility we ALL share—businesses included. Now that we've covered how you can help our planet, let's discuss how we at Peaches&Crème strive to be sustainable and climate positive.

        We offer special prices for skincare products with damaged packaging and items near expiration. Why? One of the main sources of waste from the beauty industry is expired skincare products. We understand why some are hesitant to buy items like these, so we reduced their prices to encourage our customers to use them. 

        We also cover ALL purchases made through our store so your orders can be carbon neutral, and all proceeds from this effort go to protecting the Amazon forests via EcoCart. In addition, all our shop's packaging materials are recyclable (yes, even our packing peanuts are biodegradable ✌️).

        Even though we offset all our shipments to make them carbon neutral, we still gently encourage you to pick up your orders to help reduce CO2 emissions. If you do, you get €5 off orders worth €50 and above.


        There you go, Peaches! We hope that these tips can help you in making your skincare routine more sustainable and eco-friendly. Remember that it's okay to take it slow and to learn from your mistakes. Your efforts may seem unimportant now, but know that every contribution counts in caring for the environment.

        As Earth Month comes to a close, let us continue to work together so our home can grow and flourish for years and years.

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