The Magic of Double-Cleansing

Have you tried double-cleansing? ✨

Double-cleansing is a signature staple and basic foundation of the K-beauty skincare routine: a way to gently and thoroughly cleanse and unclog pores without drying your skin. It sets the efficacy and ensures that the active ingredients applied later in your routine can effectively reach and penetrate your skin — instead of being blocked by dead skin cells and debris. 
The treatment and moisturising benefits of your whole cleansing step is maximised when you do a double-cleanse, too!

How double-cleansing works 
Double-cleansing entails washing twice with two different formulas — one oil-based, and another water-based. That’s because not all makeup products are created equal. Some formulas are water-soluble, while others, such as waterproof mascara and SPF, are only oil-soluble. Doing both ensures that you remove every speck of makeup and sunscreen, and every bit of pore-clogging residue or leftover eye makeup. Over time, traces of makeup left on your skin can irritate your skin, clog pores, and even cause discoloration.

Oil-based cleansers (like cleansing oils or balms) remove excess sebum, pollution and oil-based impurities like sunscreens, waterproof makeup, and silicone from your pores. This helps prevent acne, blackheads, and whiteheads and keeps your skin smooth without drying your skin or damaging your skin's natural barrier, so your skin stays moist and plump even with two rounds of cleansing. 

After your first cleanse, it's time for your water-based cleanser. These are your regular water-based facial foams or gel cleansers whose job is to banish any sweat, dirt, debris and other water-based impurities that haven't been removed during the first cleanse.

If your cleanser has treatment properties (such as anti-acne salicylic cleansers) or moisturising properties (such as milk or hyaluronic cleansers), they will be better absorbed by your skin if you do an oil-based cleanse first.  

Double-cleansing isn't just washing your face twice - it's making sure that all sorts of dirt, impurities, and comedogens (pore-clogging substances) are cleaned properly without overly drying your skin and stripping away its natural barrier, which can lead to irritation. 

A Step-by-step guide to double-cleansing
1) Apply an oil-based cleanser, such as a cleansing oil or balm.
2) Emulsify with lukewarm water while gently massaging for a minute or two. (Emulsification is when impurities really start to break down, and by massaging your face, you are washing your face even deeper while also promoting blood circulation which can promote a healthier glow).
3) Rinse with lukewarm water.
4) Apply your regular foam or gel facial wash as usual.
5) Massage and rinse thoroughly.
6) Pat dry. 


You can now move on to your usual skincare routine with a fresh and clean canvas to work on!  

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