A Woman's Place in the World: International Women’s Month Spotlight

Mar 15, 2024

Women belong in          . This statement has always been used to limit and shackle women to certain roles, boxing us into neat little portions for easier consumption. It’s a tale as old as time but it is not the way of the world anymore. As women, we can now reclaim this statement and use it to show how we are way above stereotypes and old-fashioned gender roles—that we deserve to take up as much space as anyone else.

There is still much work to be done but the progress made towards gender equality—through the efforts of many brave-hearted women and communities—is worth celebrating. This International Women’s Month, we at Peaches&Crème invited 8 inspiring women to talk to us about empowerment, overcoming stereotypes, and how you too can #InspireInclusion for a kinder and more accepting world.

Rebecca Spiteri


Rebecca Spiteri on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

I feel the most empowered when I see the females in my circle winning, achieving their goals, getting their dream jobs, doing what they love, and building the family that they have always wanted.

Women belong in every sector of society.

Too often, I have heard how women should only do certain roles, or how they could never be the boss, or how they should stick to their biological role of being the home-maker. I believe that women should be left to their own business and to choose their own destiny. Women bring as much to the table as any other person.

Rebecca is a capable go-getter raised by strong women to stand her ground and constantly expand her horizons. Guided by these principles, she always strives to do her best despite the many voices that try to hold her down. 

“Women have been stereotyped as the warm and communal person, perhaps less competent when it comes to technology or skill and also less ambitious than other members of society.” 

With a hunger for knowledge, Rebecca decided to study a new course while finishing her degree. This was her choice but those around her still had to comment. “So many people were saying how crazy I must be to never stop or to calm down. Others said that I must be out of my mind to pursue a career that was techy since it is quite a male-dominated industry,” Rebecca shared.

She admitted that the constant doubt affected her then (and some still do today) but she refuses to back down. On top of caring for her physical and mental health, “Just keep moving forward,” was her answer when asked how she kept her head above the water when faced with unfair biases. 

“I’m the kind of person that has always been very goal-oriented and I truly don’t accept defeat because I always think of failures or let-downs as stepping stones or learning curves. I’m truly grateful for the strong women that are in my circle who always help me to refocus and to keep on going.”

On inspiring and empowering women

I think that the first thing they should do is learn about the past and how we have changed. We cannot deal with society as a whole today with a mentality that stems back to the 1900s. As a historian, I truly believe that the past has so much to teach us about the present! Other than that, respect before anything else is the best way to support anybody, not just women alone. 

A special message for young Rebecca

No matter the hurdles, no matter how many naysayers stand in your way, you’ll find a path, a loophole, a different road to success.

To girls and women 💌

Never forget how wildly capable you are. All that you need is within you and you can make your dreams and goals come true! 

Instagram: @rebeccaspiteri_ | Facebook: facebook.com/rebeccaslifestyle

Scarlett Stafrace

Scarlett Stafrace on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop 

A picture of me in my latest shoot, where I felt super fierce and confident!

Wearing: parascandalo

Photo: Mathias Apap

Women belong in their passions.

I feel as though women are often forced to contort and retreat into the idea that society feels they should belong in. Many times, I’ve rethought my own passions as something I “shouldn’t” be doing, until I thought: Screw this! If I want to do this, why don’t I? And this is where I feel all women should belong.

Scarlett is a student and model whose drive to create brings her joy and confidence. During her 4 years in the industry, however, she shares that she faces objectification on a daily basis, saying “Because of the sheer amount of men who look at me as a ‘pretty face’ and objectify me in that sense, I am not taken seriously… I am expected to post pictures where I am objectified as a model and a woman.” Despite all these, Scarlett remains true to herself and her love for her craft. She focuses on her modelling work, creating things she wants, and honing her talents behind the camera.

In her everyday life, Scarlett also has to face being called too emotional for normal things like crying and expressing her feelings. This stereotype sometimes gets to her, making her feel like she owes people a “stronger” version of herself, but she perseveres. 

“I deal with them by understanding my own feelings, and ultimately being the one to give myself the reassurance that I am valid for the reactions I have to situations. I believe my emotions are a strength, not a weakness. They allow me to experience life with intensity and love.

On inspiring and empowering women

The best thing that individuals can do is to create more outlets for women to share their experiences and create more awareness and support systems for women. One outlet that I love is the “She word” podcast that raises awareness to women’s issues and discusses their importance in a way that creates a support outlet. 

A special message for young Scarlett

It’s okay to be soft and “girly.” It’s okay for your passions to change and adapt! Life is all about change and that’s okay!

To girls and women 💌

Do whatever you set your mind to! It’s okay if you want to reinvent yourself 200 times and do something that you’re not necessarily supported on, take a risk, and be passionate about what you choose to do!

Instagram: @scarlett_stafrace

Agatha Apena

Agatha Apena on International Women's Month  - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

It would be empowering if we (women) judged each other less, channeling our energy towards building a supportive community instead.

Women belong in all places where decisions are made.

I borrowed this saying from Ruth Baden Ginsburg who was a Supreme Court Justice fighting against gender discrimination. Within my lifetime, I have often felt that society tends to make decisions on behalf of women, including what concerns our appearance and health.

Agatha is an independent woman and content creator with a passion for life and new experiences. Behind her confidence, however, she admits that she feels anxious at times and that the expectations placed on her from childhood to present may have contributed to it. Agatha often hears lines like girls should be well behaved, assertiveness makes women unfeminine, and women tolerate pain better—even having doctors tell her that her health concerns are somehow always related to her period. As a married woman, she also faces expectations by those around her to be in charge of meals and housework.

Independence is a strength but relying on others is never a weakness. When things get heavy, Agatha is not alone. She shares that she can count on her husband to take over chores as soon as she asks. She also has her sisters to confide in and talk to about womanhood.

Agatha on skincare and self-care - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

"Taking care of my skin in and out, be it celery juice and nourishing foods or a skincare routine that works - is key to solving majority of my problems."

Agatha finds confidence and empowerment in self-care as well. She expresses how skincare, makeup, skating, and a good workout help her feel unconquerable. Agatha also adds that getting ready and loving how she looks in the mirror gives her self-confidence an extra boost. 

On inspiring and empowering women

Just involving us in decision making should be enough for starters. It also would be empowering if we judged each other less, channelling our energy towards building a supportive community instead. 

A special message for young Agatha

You do not need to be embarrassed by failure.

To girls and women 💌

I am proud of you, even on your bad days. ❤️

Instagram: @agathatheboss

Grecia Falzon

Grecia Falzon on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

I felt empowered when I was working on renovating our house. I was doing what other people believe I couldn't do, so for me it felt so empowering to prove them wrong and do it.

Women belong in the world.

As a scientist, I tend to always look at this from a scientific point of view and understand the science behind something. So, when I hear phrases like ‘men are better than women’ I ask for scientific proof as to why that is so (no one has given me a right answer so far). Are there any differences between the genders? Yes, a woman’s body was specifically created to bear children whereas a man wasn’t. In my opinion, that is the only difference there is, [and] the rest is all made up by us through years and years of evolution. So, scientifically speaking, believing that men are better than women is the same as believing that the earth is flat… I do not believe there is any place any human should or should not belong in. 

Grecia is a makeup artist and woman of science. She’s a dynamic individual but she constantly faces doubts because of her gender.

Discrimination seeps into a woman’s everyday life, and during one memorable moment, Grecia had to experience it while doing home renovations. She had designed the entire house to a T, knowing every millimetre of the layout. Despite giving clear instructions, those working on their home would ask and confirm everything with her boyfriend before doing anything. This was not the first time Grecia was snubbed or left unheard, and while it was a disheartening experience, it did not deter her.

“Thankfully, I am a very hard-headed person so when I encounter these situations, they drive me to try harder, to be better and to push even stronger.” 

It is unfortunate but Grecia has also had fellow women pushing stereotypes on her. She shares one in particular: her talent (or lack thereof) in cooking. “It’s always alarming how shocked other people, mainly other women, are when I tell them and even more so when I tell them that in our household my boyfriend cooks a lot more times than I do,” she says. Grecia is firm, however, and she knows that this does not make her any less of a woman.

On inspiring and empowering women

We need to work together and focus on the powerful women we have in the world and in Malta, as sometimes we tend to focus more on the negative. We need to look at the women who have made a wonderful life for themselves, be it if their dream was to be a mother, a boss, an owner, a CEO, a leader, a wife, and encourage them to keep living their dream. We as women should not deserve to have anything less.

Support a woman who prefers to have a career instead of a family. Support a woman who chooses to leave an abusive situation even though there are kids involved. Support a woman who chooses to sue her boss for harassing her (instead of instigating it was somehow her fault). Support a woman who wants to get married, have children, and be a housewife because that is what she wants. The quicker we ourselves break down stereotypes, the faster we can start moving forward.

A special message for young Grecia

You can be anything you want—no boundaries, no restrictions. You can play with cars without being judged, and you do not need to wear pink to be girly. There are no limits to what you can do!

To girls and women 💌

Always remember that you belong, you are equal, and know your worth. Do not ever lose sight of that. 

Instagram: @greciamakeupartist | Facebook: facebook.com/GreciaFMakeupArtist

Sandra Alves

Sandra Alves on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

It is empowering to me when I am given the opportunity to make someone’s day a little brighter. 

Women belong in management boardrooms.

Women belong in tourism management.

I work in the tourism industry, an industry that is demanding, requires a lot of long hours, travel, and time away from home. In this light, it is an industry where there are not much women in leadership roles; specially in countries with traditional gender roles imposed.

Women belong in travel.

As a daughter of expats, I have travelled a lot all throughout my life. Once I turned 18 and started travelling on my own, people started advising me not to visit certain places myself, or that I should not be travelling so much as it is dangerous and different for a girl to be travelling on her own.

Sandra is a free spirit and explorer at heart. She finds joy in journeying to new destinations and pushing herself outside her comfort zone. Still, she sometimes finds herself subject to ingrained gender biases and roles. Sandra missed out on some projects because she felt that her male colleagues could do better. There were also situations that would not go in her favour because she did not want to ask in fear of being seen as an ungrateful or pushy woman.

“Society has created a glass ceiling. As women, myself included, we start to limit ourselves when we conform to these stereotypes created by the environment we are in.”

Sandra, however, does not settle. “I try to prove myself wrong,” she says. “I go for and do things that scare me, I try to push myself out of my comfort zone. Society has created so many stereotypes and we only limit ourselves when we listen to them.”

She also feels empowered when creating everlasting moments through her job and travel content, saying, “I feel heard, feel relevant and I push myself out of my comfort zone, and I feel like I am contributing to society. It is empowering to me when I am given the opportunity to make someone’s day a little brighter.”

On inspiring and empowering women

Believe in them, listen to them, create a safe space for them to be proud of themselves and achieve their highest potential, without being afraid.

A special message for young Sandra

You can do and be anything you want, dream big!

To girls and women 💌

Make it happen, girl. Don’t wait for them to give you a seat at the table. Build your own table!

Instagram: @mytraveltreats | Facebook: facebook.com/mytraveltreats

Alexandra Butters

Alexandra Butters on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

I feel the most empowered when the ideas I share are valued. When I overcome challenges and obstacles which I never thought I would. When I support and uplift other people, especially women and my closest friends and family. When I speak up for what I believe in even when my voice shakes. When I’m respected and valued despite my gender.

Women belong in communities...

…such as organizations, charities, and social services, working to address social issues and improve the lives of others. 

They belong in roles such as healthcare, education, politics, technology, finance, and government which are usually men-based roles. 

Alex is a trailblazer who was one of the first content creators in Malta to use and dedicate their platform to giving honest skincare and self-care reviews. She is doubtlessly talented but gender bias sometimes rears its head and Alex finds herself (and her contributions) dismissed or overlooked because she is a woman.

She remembers an interview where her value was reduced to her appearance. Alex was required to be dolled up every day with full makeup, heels, and no pants or "boring" office wear, and it was heavily implied that she would not be considered for the job if she didn't change how she looked. Her self-confidence took a hit because of this experience—especially since she was also confronting her acne breakouts—but Alex stood back up and tackled everything head-on. With perseverance and the support of the women around her, things started to turn around. 

“I started setting small achievable goals with my own rules. I decided to get out of my comfort zone 8 years ago and open a page with what I felt passionate about: skincare. I also started practicing self-care which became a priority mostly when I was at a dead-end job which didn’t value my presence. I started celebrating my progress and accomplishments no matter how small.”

On inspiring and empowering women

  • Lead by example.
  • Educate and raise awareness about the challenges faced by women and the importance of gender equality.
  • Value their progress and appreciate their efforts publicly.

A special message for young Alex

Your voice matters. It’s important to speak up without being afraid that you won’t be heard. You are capable no matter how many mistakes you have made—it’s all a part of life. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

To girls and women 💌

We are strong, capable, and deserving of respect in all aspects of life. Embrace and love yourself as you are. Don't ever change to someone you are not. Support, empower, and uplift another woman without forgetting yourself.

Instagram: @withlove_alexx

Marilyn Cini

Marilyn Cini on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

Being a woman goes much more beyond having kids or a male partner.

Women belong in all places. 

Who is to say where we belong? I believe we should be anywhere; in places where decisions are taken, in places where society, unfortunately, thinks men should be! We are capable individuals!

An established makeup artist in Malta, Marilyn has been sharing her artistry and thriving in the beauty industry for years now. She’s a strong creative and professional who even helps children as a paediatric occupational therapist, but Marilyn still has to brave assumptions just because she’s a woman. People have expected her to fall short on roles that require a firm hand because she is emotional.  

Marilyn on how makeup can empower women

“The role of a makeup artist is to also empower other individuals by giving them a little more 'oomph' to feel more confident in themselves. I believe that any little makeup makes us feel better, and in return makes us feel empowered and confident.”

The stereotypes do not stop Marilyn. Whenever she encounters them, she stays true to her path. Marilyn does not let herself be affected, gets to work, and proves them wrong. At times, she will also take the time to explain and dispel biased assumptions to promote more mindful conversations.

On inspiring and empowering women

Treat us with no extra assumptions. As an individual, as a human being... irrelevant of our gender!

A special message for young Marilyn

Don’t let anyone mess with your thoughts. Believe in yourself.

To girls and women 💌

Believe in your worth! We are super capable individuals, each of us with our own attributes!

Instagram: @marilyn.cinimakeup | Facebook: facebook.com/marilyn.cinimakeup

Dabin Woo


Dabin Woo on International Women's Month - Peaches&Creme K-Beauty and Skincare Shop

I feel the most empowered when I achieve something without anyone assisting me or taking an easier path. I feel empowered because I can do it, and I have proven that to myself.

Women belong in every place they want to go.

The stereotype of women "belonging" in a certain place, the phrase itself, I believe holds many negative connotations. Disregarding anyone’s background, women belong everywhere men belong. I don’t think it needs a gender stereotype and anyone can do whatever they want! Including women. 

Living life to the fullest, Dabin balances enjoying new experiences and creating content for fashion and beauty. She loves her work but, as a woman, she faces unnecessary chatter. "I’ve heard a few times that I was privileged to do this because I am a woman, and men wouldn’t be able to do it. I disagree 100%. Makeup and skincare do not fall under the category of gender," Dabin shares.

Gender roles and expectations dogged Dabin since childhood. From being refused by her kindergarten classmates because they were playing with toys that were "not for girls" to being pressured to always be pretty as a teenager, she clearly saw the line that society has drawn to separate what men and women could experience.

Dabin on gender biases we grow up with

"We should give children equal opportunities, regardless of gender. And for us, we should try to understand, and we should know by now, that men and women don’t need division when it comes to doing things."

Growing up, Dabin was weighed down by gender biases and felt that she was alone with these experiences. As she expanded her world, however, she found women she could relate to and share similar stories with. This helped lighten the load and made her feel seen.

Dabin admits that the complexes and doubts formed by stereotypes may never fully leaver her but it does not mean giving up. By understanding the limits placed on women, we can now work together and start breaking the walls down.

On inspiring and empowering women

It was only about 100 years ago when women were allowed to vote. It was only about 50 years ago when the United States passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, allowing women to work even when they are pregnant. Many people believe that speaking up won’t change things but all these happened because the women that stood before us spoke up. These strong women are the reason we have the privilege to do things. 

Give women opportunities. Empower female entrepreneurs. Educate little girls and women. Become a role model for feminism. Create awareness in potential bias and unfair circumstances. There are many things we can do if we all take action. It is up to us whether to make a difference or not. 

A special message for young Dabin

Take care of your wellbeing before listening to the opinions of those around you. Body weight, your looks, and where you “belong” don't come before your physical and mental health. You are your own person—you are not defined by gender.

To girls and women 💌

Ladies and all you pretty girlies, with all love, let's kick ass! Happy Women’s Day ♡ 

Instagram: @dabin.woo


Thank you to these amazing women for sharing their stories and experiences. To our dear peaches, always remember that only you can dictate your place in the world. Stay true to your path with your head held high.


Every woman deserves a place in the world—somewhere safe, kind, and where anyone can enjoy equal opportunities. Join us in supporting gender equality and women's rights through your skincare. Peaches&Crème will be donating a portion of our sales during the month of March 2024 to UN Women.

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